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Date: 24-04-2019

The second Estonian Bird Fair in Tuulingu - Matsalu National Park!

Written by: Pavel Simeonov, regarding partner: Tuulingu Holiday House

The second Estonian Bird Fair in Tuulingu – naturally in Matsalu National Park!

Matsalu National Park was created as a nature preservation area in 1957 in order to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Western-Estonia and Väinameri (part of the Baltic Sea). The national park comprises Matsalu Bay and its surrounding area with its islands; the north and south coast of the bay as well as the Kasari river delta.

Matsalu National Park

The second birdfair in Estonia will take place on 4th May 2019 at the Haeska Observation Tower on the northern shore of Matsalu Bay.
Birdfair guests can get a glimpse of the activities of different organisations such as Estonian Fund for Nature, Estonian Ornithological Society, Estonian bird club Vironlintuseura, situated in Finland, the School of Interesting Biology and nature tourism providers. Nikon and Euronics exhibit their top notch photographic equipment and optics. There will be opportunities to participate in bird identification, ringing and bird photography workshops, familiarize yourself with radio transmitter monitoring results of Black-tailed Godwit in Estonia...

We are aware of the popularity of birdwatching activities in Great Britain and Finland, where birdfairs have been held already for decades. Our idea is to introduce this hobby to Estonian people too and was inspired by the birdfairs in these countries. We are eagerly looking forward to the reaction and feedback from the visitors,” says the organizer of the birdfair Ants Ale (Matsalu Rand MTÜ) who is running Tuulingu Guest House, Bed & Birding partner in Estonia.

The second Estonian Bird Fair
Map of the area

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