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Date: 11-06-2020

Discover how easy Papua New Guinea can be!!

Written by: Richard Parks, regarding partner: Karawari Lodge

Many of you will know that PNG is famous for its wonderful birding, including the amazing Birds of Paradise. It also has stunning diving opportunities with beautiful coral reefs supporting dazzling arrays of marine life both big and small, plus some excellent sport fishing particularly at Lake Murray where we have one of our beautiful wilderness lodges. There is also a huge range of different cultures throughout the hundreds of village communities scattered around this vast country.

Wilson Bird of Paradise by Dustin Chen


Trans Niugini Tours will introduce some new visitor programmes for later this year and into next year. They will feature colourful cultural shows, climbing and trekking opportunities and also a river cruise on board our beautiful Septik Spirit river boat. The latter will follow the mighty Septik River, one of the biggest rivers in the world, in the Karawari area where we have another of our wilderness lodges.

Sepik Spirit Cruise


A staggering 229 different bird species have been recorded in the Karawari area, including the elusive 12-Wire Bird of Paradise, Cockatoos, Parrots, Hornbills, cormorants and other mouthwatering highlights.

King Bird of Paradise by Dustin Chen


In the Mount Hagen region it takes less than two days to hike to the summit of the mountain. There, hikers are rewarded with the stunning vista of the valley laid out below them. Experienced local guides and porters will accompany birdwatchers from start to finish. This trek is suitable for semi to serious hikers and bird lovers.

Highland scene near Mount Hagen.


The Highlands of Papua New Guinea were explored less than a century ago by Australian prospectors who hiked deep into the mysterious interior of PNG. They encountered a gorgeous landscape of mountains and valleys, with large tribal settlements within them living as they had done for thousands of years. Even today, the Highlands people still maintain much of their traditional ways of life. The land here is virtually untouched: gushing mountains streams run through alpine grasslands and on into thick forests.

Karawari Lodge is overlooking the Karawari River.