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Date: 25-06-2022

Global Birdfair 2022

Written by: Pavel Simeonov & Paul Goriup

Like the proverbial Phoenix, Bed & Birding is emerging from three years in the fires of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our last brochure was published in 2019. Since then, the whole tourism industry was put on hold for practically two years. The British Bird Fair was held online, then postponed and now is moving to a new location. Many B&B partners have struggled to revive their businesses, sadly some have closed. Just as the disease abated, we have been struck by war in Ukraine which has led to more global travel problems and increasing prices for fuel, electricity and food.

Resilience has become the word of our times – in supply chains, employment, trade and, not least, the environment as global climate change afflicts ever more countries. Throughout the recent hard times, Bed & Birding has proven its own resilience by maintaining its web site and promoting our partners.

For this year, we are combining a joint stand and brochure with our founder, Branta Tours, to conserve resources.

Despite it all, the demand for holidays, especially in nature, is now booming and we are seeing increasing numbers of enquiries about bookings in our network of lodges. Our sponsors, especially Swarovski Optik, and our loyal partners are continuing their support.

Paul Goriup - Bed & Birding


On 15, 16 and 17 July 2022 we will be present again at the Bird Fair in Oakham, STAND NUMBER 53, 54 & 55 in the Swallow Marquee, where we look forward to meeting many old friends and making new ones.