Birders News

Date: 27-09-2023


Written by: Pavel Simeonov

We are delighted to announce that 2024 will see the first ever Eastern Bird Fair on the Black Sea coast of northern Bulgaria.

This very special event will be held on 21, 22 and 23 September in Durankulak, on the Bulgarian-Romanian border. It is the south-eastern most birding spot of the European Union, where we look forward to meeting many old friends and making new ones. 

We are sure thatThe Authentic East”, so close yet so enigmatic, will soon become one of the most attractive nature destinations, and you have the special privilege of being among its first explorers!

1. Accommodation is available in close proximity to Lake Durankulak at Branta Birding Lodge and local hotels and guesthouses. Spaces are limited so please book in advance. If you require assistance with booking please email or contact Pavel: +359 879455996

2. Food and drink will be available at the fair via catering, stalls and bars. Restaurants can be found in the local area, five minutes from the fair including traditional local food at Kibela Restaurant and Golden Fish Restaurant.

3. Guided Bird Tours and Excursions (Optional) can be provided by prior arrangement.

If you are interested in guided tours they will be arranged three days before the Bird Fair to Durankulak-Shabla Wetland Complex and the Steppes of Kaliakra plus one day excursion to the Danube Delta in Romania. Additionally, after the Bird Fair is another opportunity to join a three day tour along the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria to enjoy the spectacle of autumn bird migration particularly of soaring birds. 

To book one of these tours please email