• LIVONIAN BAY, ESTONIA, Photo by Mati Kose


    Photo by Mati Kose

    Homes made for birders.
  • Pripyat River, Belarus, without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Pripyat River, Belarus

    without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Homes made for birders.
  • Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen, the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen

    the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Homes made for birders.
  • The Gambia, The Gambia

    The Gambia

    The Gambia

    Homes made for birders.
  • Loch Glascarnoch, Scotland

    Loch Glascarnoch


    Homes made for birders.
  • Black-headed Bunting, Spring botany and birds

    Black-headed Bunting

    Spring botany and birds

    Homes made for birders.
  • Durankulak Lake, NE Bulgaria

    Durankulak Lake

    NE Bulgaria

    Homes made for birders.
  • SIGIRIYA, Sri Lanka by F. Dhermain


    Sri Lanka by F. Dhermain

    Homes made for birders.
  • Madre de Dios River, Peru

    Madre de Dios River


    Homes made for birders.
  • Autumn at Lake Kerkini, Greece

    Autumn at Lake Kerkini


    Homes made for birders.

Our services

Bed & Birding is a franchise company that licenses different Bird Friendly Bed & Breakfast partners to use its branded identity and materials to market their services to birders. The Bed & Birding partners are carefully appraised against a set of service quality criteria, in order to provide both comfortable and memorable accommodation of course, but also with careful attention to the specific needs of birders.

A significant advantage of the network to travelling birders is the ability to promptly select the right birding location for their birdwatching holidays, because choice of an appropriate Bed and Birding establishment guarantees the most convenient and dedicated accommodation designed especially for birders.

We use the following criteria as a basis for classifying the Bed & Birding partners.

  1 2 3 4 5
Minimum score needed per category 35 55 75 100 135

The overall score and category will be determined on the basis of evidence provided for the features present or available (from your photographs, web site or our own site visit).

General category criteria Score
Library of bird and other wildlife books and checklists 3
Natural vegetation around 1 - 15
Close vicinity to wildlife areas (nature reserve, park, wetland...) 5 - 15
Terrace with panorama 5
List of species recorded in the area (month by month) 3
Birders lounge 5
Drying room 3
Garden attractive for wildlife 1 - 10
Equipment available to hire  
Wet weather attire 3
Bicycles 2
Telescope 4
Binoculars 3
Tripod 2
4WD vehicle 5
GPS receiver 3
Boats (if you have water around) 4
Bird hide 4
Camera 3
Horses 4
Other (please specify in email) 1 - 5
Early breakfast 3
Access to a local avian specialist / guide 5
Other (please specify in email) 1 - 10
Wastewater disposal system 5
Waste recycling 3
Low flow water supply system 3
Locally sourced food, when possible 3
Local construction materials 5
Use of renewable energy - e.g. solar panels 5
Electric boat engines used 3
Electric vehicles used 3
Conservation activities undertaken/supported 3 - 5
Other (please specify in email) 1 - 5